Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ware County wins the Gator Duals!

Nov 22, 2011
Swamp Duals Nov 19, 2011
The Ware Co. Gators hosted the 3rd annual Swamp Duals in the WCHS gym on Saturday Nov. 19.  The event hosted 10 teams Ware, Appling, Brunswick, Glynn Academy, Camden A, Camden B, Effingham, Tift, Valdosta, and Brantley.  Each team was in a round robin pool of 5 teams with the top 3 teams in each pool pairing up in the championship round.  Pool A consisted of Ware, Camden B, Brunswick, Brantley, and Tift.  Pool B consisted of Effingham, Valdosta, Camden A, Appling, and Glynn Academy.  The results after the finals were Appling Co. 6th place with a record of 2 – 2, Brunswick 5th place with a record of 3 – 2, Tift Co. 4th place with a record of 3 – 2, Valdosta in 3rd place with a record of 4 – 1, Effingham in 2nd place with a record of 4 – 1, and Ware Co. Gators in 1st place with a record of 5 – 0 beating Effingham in the finals 49 – 21.  The final meet with Effingham was a rematch of the Region 2AAAA finals last year in which the Gators pulled off a close win by one point.  The Gators outscored their opponents in the tournament 324 – 58 and shutting out 2 of their 5 opponents in the tournament.  The Gators will be traveling to region rivals Richmond Hill on Tuesday Nov. 22nd and wrestling will begin at 2:00pm.  Individual round results and Ware Co. match results are listed below:
 Note:  Camden Varsity did not wrestle in the Swamp Duals.  Their A and B teams are designated to represent the two teams that they entered in the tournament, not their Varsity and 1st team sub varsity.
Round 1
Ware (75) vs. Camden B (0)
Brunswick (75) vs. Brantley (0)
Tift (bye)
Effingham (57) vs. Appling (24)
Glynn Academy (32) vs. Camden A (41)
Valdosta (bye)
Round 2
Ware (64) vs. Brunswick (18)
Brantley (0) vs. Tift (76)
Camden B (bye)
Effingham (55) vs. Camden A (16)
Glynn Academy (30) vs. Valdosta (45)
Appling (bye)
Round 3
Ware (84) vs. Brantley (0)
Tift (66) vs. Camden B (12)
Brunswick (bye)
Effingham (62) vs. Glynn Academy (12)
Valdosta (60) vs. Appling (20)
Camden A (bye)
Round 4
Ware (52) vs. Tift (19)
Camden B (18) vs. Brunswick (65)
Brantley (bye)
Valdosta (46) vs. Camden A (32)
Glynn Academy (36) vs. Appling (47)
Effingham (bye)
Round 5
Tift (49) vs. Brunswick (24)
Camden B (60) vs. Brantley (18)
Ware (bye)
Effingham (45) vs. Valdosta (33)
Appling (43) vs. Camden A (42) This meet ended in a tie which was broken on criteria with Appling having the most first takedowns.
Glynn Academy (bye)
Championship Round
Appling 6th place (40) vs. Brunswick 5th place (42)
Tift 4th place (20) vs. Valdosta 3rd place (33)
Effingham 2nd place (21) vs. Ware 1st place (49)